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The HomeSite Extensibility Project(HEP) is aimed at developing a series of useful extensions for Allaire's Homesite 4.5+ using the scriptable object model provided by Allaire. Most of the code developed will be portable to Coldfusion Studio and JRun Studio as well, as the IDEs are very similar if not identical in some respects. Initial project goals include the devlopment of a HomeSite "extension manager", similar to the Macromedia Dreamweaver Extension Manager, making it easy to install, remove and update various extensions from a GUI interface from within the IDE. It is the aim to provide all configuration files and extension setup files in XML format for ease of maintenance.
Some of the extensions currently under development/in the revision phase include:
  • HTML->XSL Scrubber - used to format existing HTML pages into xhtml-compliance (XSL-compliance) by closing empty tags, replacing unknown entities, etc.
  • XSL/XML Formatter - Indent and format XML & XSL source documents from within HomeSite.
  • XSL/XML Transformer - Transform XML document using selected XSL stylesheet - dump output to a new document. Plans are to incorporate several different XSL parsers including SAXON, XALAN, XT, & MSXML.
  • JavaScript/JScript/VBScript formatter/indenter & compresser - to "compress" whitespace and carriage returns, then "uncompress" by function those blocks to edit them when needed. ]]] Comprehensive XML/XSL tag insight library.
  • Any additional extensions/functionality - anything that HomeSite does not yet provide that may be useful to developers. The aim of this project is to fill small gaps that make development easier and more efficient, so suggestions are more than welcome.

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